A workshop that will not destroy your soul!

Come and join us for workshops full of Life Changing Master Classes and personal interaction led by International Producer and American Choreographer Sean McLeod and his amazing team, the Certified Personalities of McLeod Technique. Hosted by the New York Institute of Dance & Education – N.Y.I.D.E., Sean McLeod Dance Experience, Kaleidoscope Dance Theatre, and our partners, these two or three day dance experiences include classes in Sean McLeod’s codified McLeod Technique (MT) including MT Modern, Reinforced Motor Function ® (alignment, strength, and flexibility system), and MT Afro Hip Hop. Every workshop includes our famed self-reflective and life fueling “Talk Around” sessions. Motivation and movement that will inspire you to action!

Upcoming New York Dance Festival Worshops!

New York Dance Festival: Workshops NYC

Join us in September, February, and May for our New York Dance Festival Workshops NYC! Co-hosted with the New York Institute of Dance & Education, these workshops bring a new wave of dance to New York City – based around the notion that “Joy should be the standard.”

Gregory Livingston, Germany

(Click Photo for Video of Personality)

Lorienne Beals, Italy


Jerami Kipp, Richmond, VA


Devon McLeod, NYC


Kierstyn Zaykoski, USA


Hana Ginsburg Tirosh, NYC