For over two decades, NYIDE has trained individuals from around the region, country, and globe for their careers using Performing Arts Based Programming and the Applied Study Program created by Sean McLeod. The Applied Study Program simultaneously teaches business, conflict resolution, and interpersonal skills that allow candidates to be equally comfortable and formidable in a corporate environment, as they would be in an artistic one. This supportive practice has placed graduates of the program in some of the top colleges and universities in the country, such as North Carolina School of the Arts, New York University, Syracuse University, New World School of the Arts in Miami, Purchase Conservatory of Dance (SUNY Purchase), and Juilliard.

McLeod Technique Modern

McLeod Technique (MT) is Sean McLeod’s codified Syllabus dance technique that blends Classical Ballet, the modern foundations of Limón, Graham and Horton, Martial Arts principles, African Dance, Latin influences and Urban Social Dance. The step-by-step, easy to learn technique, created at the New York Institute of Dance Education, was developed to train dancers by engaging their emotions to facilitate honest movement and encourage good mental health. McLeod Technique has a vast movement range, an emotional vocabulary, and a process that inspires dancers to be happy people!

Sean McLeod had come to study and hate his every imperfection because of the unforgiving yet beautiful experience of dance. However, he always noticed that no matter how bad it was for him, it was always far worse for the girls! Dance could be an absolute place of destruction for a woman's self image and ability to see herself as anything other than a work in progress, fighting her body for a perfection that honestly would never come. Sean's dance technique was primarily created to help women learn to appreciate themselves again. McLeod Technique showed women their value, and then locked it into their bodies and souls through movement. The results were immediately noticeable. No matter how many times the dancers made mistakes, they stopped self-loathing and started to learn how to fail with smiles on their faces. Shortly thereafter, Sean realized men were not exempt from these feelings and self-attacks! He soon incorporated male experiences into the development, and the technique became universal. Classes inspire personal growth with almost therapeutic result, and challenges all levels to explore the possibility of “YES,” by facing failure with a smile on their faces.

MT Reinforced Motor Function

MT Reinforced Motor Function ® RMF (a kinesthetic methodology developed by Sean McLeod), is a simple to understand Alignment, Strength, and Flexibility system. The perfect complement to any kind of rehabilitation, dance, movement, or athletic study, the system was initially developed to help dancers rapidly and healthily gain the greatest use of their full physical capacity.

Reinforced Motor Function ® is a step-by-step restart to the way we understand movement skills that we have been doing for years! RMF is based in scientific application addressing the physical deterioration that occurs from some damaging historic or traditional approaches to movement. RMF gives you a heightened ability to process and teach a simple movement based skill. Reinforced Motor Function ® has had incredible results in helping sufferers of mild to chronic scoliosis, knee/ankle injuries, pulled or torn muscles, and hip displacement.

MT Afro Hip Hop

MT Afro Hip Hop is a dynamic style of Hip Hop dance developed by American Choreographer, Sean McLeod. MT Afro Hip Hop combines the soul of traditional African dance, with the groove and freedom of Urban Social Dance. This exhilarating class includes traditional Jazz and Street Dance styles, and creates a strong sense of rhythm and timing.

MT Training for Atheletes

MT Training for Athletes (TFA) is a unique physical enhancement program. TFA empowers an athlete by developing their movement abilities to the highest level possible. By using the foundational elements of movement study that include Martial Arts, Dance, Core Strength Training, Mastery of Rhythm, and emotional control plus traditional combat strategy taken from Martial Arts. Athletes will gain understanding and physical control that when combined make dynamic physical results and movement strategy immediately possible, and most importantly, accessible at will.

MT Apparatus

MT Apparatus is a user-friendly exercise and body alignment workout system that uses engaged motor function for amazingly fast full body results. Great for the beginner or advanced enthusiast, MT Apparatus is incredibly easy to do, with over 150 exercises, but gives a heck of a workout from the core out. Using simple progressions to inspiring music, MT Apparatus will have you grooving and twisting your body to a healthy state. Created with the home doorway chin-up bar (sometimes identified as an Iron Gym) movement expert Sean McLeod has taken an existing exercise tool to new heights.

You won’t believe it, but you’re going to love this workout! 10 minutes or an hour, MT Apparatus is a highly enjoyable and physically beneficial daily workout!

MT Groove

MT Groove is an incredible soul stirring Cardio, Body Shaping and Stress relieving dance workout that will blow your mind because it’s so fun and exciting! Created from the foundational "Groove" of a MT Afro Hip Hop class, MT Groove combines the soul of traditional African dance, infectious club music, and "Life Changing Inspiration" with the freedom of every day Urban Social Dance. This exhilarating class uses rhythm and timing to shape the body and wake up the soul! With easy to understand walking patterns this arm shaping, abdominal working, booty shaking class will help you enjoy getting healthy! The class was developed at the New York Institute of Dance and Education by American Choreographer and Producer Sean McLeod.

MT Musical Theatre Workshops

“The Next Step” Musical Theater Workshops bring our awesome brand of Motivation, Character Education, and Life Practice Drills into the High School and Middle School environment through Musical Theater Workshops. Working in concert with Character Education Programs, Parent Groups, and Drama and Music Directors, Award Winning Producer and Motivation Expert Sean McLeod reaches students while offering lessons in Musical Theater Dance, Acting Evaluation, and Vocal Performance.

“I am a Triple Threat” Musical Theater Workshops are produced by multiaward winning Producer, Director, and Choreographer, Sean McLeod. These workshops include 3 specially designed- interactive Master Classes to help interested performers and their parents honestly reflect and evaluate their year of performance opportunities and the personal growth they gained! “Where do I really stand with my talent? How good am I? What do I do next!”