Frequently Asked Questions

How do we get to and from the Festival location to where we are staying?
For those of you who are staying in NYDF provided housing, and do not have cars, we will work with you to make sure that there is a person with driving capability at each location people are staying. For parents of dancers not of driving age, speak with the office to make sure arrangements are in place for your family member. Helping people with transportation is not the NYDF's responsibility, rather, it is a service and peace of mind we contribute. We will use a carpooling system whenever we need to travel to different locations which also aids in life long bonding.
Is there anything special I need to purchase for the Festival?
Bring an Iron Gym or sometimes called Golds Gym (Doorway pull up bar as seen on TV!) with you to the Festival in order to participate in Sean’s incredible and body changing class, MT Apparatus! This daily Master Class requires this piece of equipment which is generally priced between $19 -$32. You can find these at a variety of stores such as Marshalls, Target, Walmart, and Bed Bath and Beyond, just to name a few. Or you can simple order online at
What clothing do I need to bring?
Aside from the dance clothes and shoes listed in the Dress Code part of the Registration and listed below, please bring a variety of casual outfits to wear after the dance day is over. Also, aside from a nice and dressy look for the Gala, you should bring 1 or 2 additional formal outfits for dinner engagements or events throughout the duration of the Festival. Dance Dress Code: Male - Black leotard or tight T-shirt, black male tights and/or tight black dance shorts, Redhead socks Female: Black leotard with pink or black tights. Hair should be pulled back in bun, Redhead socks
How much money should I bring for food for the two weeks?
There will be a grocery-shopping day at the beginning of the Festival. We estimate about $70/week will suffice and then whatever extra money you choose to bring for Subway or coffee runs throughout the two weeks.
I really want to come to the festival this year but I'm short on cash. What can I do?
We do offer scholarship opportunities for those who might need it. Just contact us at for more information.
Do I need to purchase any specific shoes for the Festival?
You do not need to buy any new shoes for the festival. Bring all dance shoes you currently own, thick socks, and a pair of sneakers.
Where does the New York Dance Festival happen?
The New York Dance Festival takes place at West Middle School, in Auburn NY.
What is the mission of the New York Dance Festival?
The mission of the New York Dance Festival is to champion empowering women and build their self esteem. At the Festival women and men of all ages work in an environment where consistent focus is given to correcting the tradition that a person has to be broken by the industry before they can find their greatness.