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2017 New York Dance Festival: #nydancefestival2017

  • TBT to meeting this beautiful world dance legend beataone hellip
  • Thank you to Masha and eugenekatsevman for hosting an incrediblehellip
  • They look good for having just finished their 27th dancehellip
  • What an honour to be here the the nydancefestival withhellip
  • At the beginning of the amazing nydancefestival Dance Camp withhellip
  • All my dance teacher parent dancer or general health enthusiasthellip
  • Valentines New York Dance Festival Special!Have a jam packed summerhellip

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2016 New York Dance Festival: #25YearsofNYDF

  • happyhappyjoyjoy happens when you see a kindred spirit that encourageshellip
  • There are so many things that I gained from thehellip
  • Thank you for following our 25YearsofNYDF Kaleidoscope Dance Theatre Takeoverhellip
  • Annie comes home followKDT 25yearsofnydf
  • Hi family and friends its Lauren here  Through myhellip
  • The past two weeks at the New York Dance Festivalhellip
  • At the New York Dance Festival we believe Joy Shouldhellip
  • A huge thank you to our 2016 New York Dancehellip
  • Beauty serenity love nationaldanceday 25yearsofnydf dance arabesque sunset beauty
  • Happy National Dance Day from the Kaleidoscope Dance TheatreSean McLeodhellip
  • Kaleidoscope Dance Theatre First Company Soloist and NYC Rehearsal Directorhellip
  • Real time opportunity comes to all dancers at the Newhellip

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