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New York Dance Festival Scholarship

  • The New York Dance Festival Partial Scholarships are available for adults, young adults an children who show interest in the New York Dance Festival, but due to financial considerations are unable to pursue these opportunities. Because space is limited, applications will be reviewed and if accepted, applicants will be expected t provide a reasonable portion of the tuition. (Normal contribution of the applicant generally ranges between 50% and 90% of the tuition request.
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  • Please list gross monthly household income and expenses:

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  • Please upload a copy of last year's income tax statement (or if you did not file, upload a copy of your most recent paycheck stub, support or public assistance check)
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  • I hereby attest that the information given is correct to the best of my knowledge. I understand that all information will be kept confidential. I also understand that some portion of the fee(s) must be paid by the applicant and that the scholarship or subsidy is good only for the time period stared on the scholarship / subsidy agreement. (Scholarships are not based solely on Income, but the balance between income and expenses. Finances, talent, and over-all necessity will be the focus of the review committee. Fabrication of the information or figures in anyway could lead to expulsion, replacement, of scholarship funds, or possible legal prosecution.) Confidentiality Clause: All figures and agreements made by and between the applicant are strictly confidential. Packages are based on the assessed skills that an applicant has and will use to their benefit in this relationship. Any discussion of fees and package value with other clients will result in termination of this contract, with the undersigned having to pay the full value of the lessons they have received.