2021 New York Dance Festival: BLACK DANCE MATTERS!

With the 31st Year of the New York Dance Festival, we present a necessary Online Concert!


 “International Stage: A 2021 Celebration of Black Influence in Dance.” 


This International Stage Concert will present classic works from the 31 Year old Kaleidoscope Dance Theatre and celebrate International Black Dance Contributors whose repertory is worthy of performance.


History is written by the people with the pen. More accurately, Black creators were killed for even wishing to write, which led to great gaps in the lexicon of inclusive dance representation. The New York Dance Festival’s International Stage is one opportunity to correct contemporary omissions, and perhaps create a pathway for Black choreographic works to take their rightful place alongside the greatest dance works known to date. International Stage is a multicultural curation where these great works can be shared together.

This year’s featured companies and choreographers include:

– Ballet Creole, Patrick Parson – Canada

– Kaleidoscope Dance Theatre, Sean McLeod – NYC

– Paul Anthony Dennis, NYC

– Folklorica Dance Company of Hall of Colima, Henrry Tema – Mexico

– iLgruppo Compagnia Danza , Michela Negro – Italy

and more!

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