Dance Making Workshop

“Choreography”.  Dance Composition or Dance Making is the study of choreography as a craft, and some would say an art form. This Online Dance Making Workshop will work in reverse by showing a few well crafted dance pieces on film and sharing the consistent building blocks found almost religiously in the dance works. Next, a few participant submitted dance pieces will be deconstructed in the workshop to identify these elements in the submitted works, even if the creator didn’t knowingly include the constructive elements in their developed process.  Lastly, the workshop will tangibly help emerging and established choreographers review those foundational principles of choreography, thereby revealing dance making’s consistent scaffolding where more complicated movement applications morph into craft. The approach is based on theme and variation, but further identifies a vocabulary that makes understanding refined dance making repeatable. Participation will remove an underlying fear of failure in exchange for a scholar’s ability to pose defense of one’s thesis, a problem that stops both new and seasoned choreographers from seeking new opportunities to learn.

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