Certifications, Fellowships, and Residencies

The New York Dance Festival Artistic Fellows are selected from a very competitive field of applicants who seek an expanded opportunity for critical growth and evaluation. The courses are interwoven with the New York Dance Festival, providing an incredibly fertile ground for candidates to learn and apply theories from their course of study. This highly interactive dance opportunity was created as the model for the International Dance Education Initiative, and has been specifically designed to give participants an effective overview of dance through the application of lessons learned. This goal is achieved by experiencing numerous areas of dance simultaneously, and under the very diverse tutelage of the Master Teachers of the New York Dance Festival.

Choreographic Apprenticeship

MT Dance - Case

Dance Performance


Studying dance from the performer’s perspective, with opportunities to perform in various mediums. Study will include ballet, modern, jazz, tap, and ethnic. The pursuit of excellence in this area will allow for better understanding and success in the next objective.


Composition Study


The study of choreography as an art form. This program will review the foundational principals of choreography, then move to more complicated applications of creating work. Primary study will focus on creating small group works, and acquiring the tools necessary to accomplish this. This perspective requires commitment to constant learning, exploration, and personal and professional development on the part of the aspiring choreographer.

Choreographic Residency



Includes Choreographic Apprenticeship curriculums plus:


Dance Education

Based upon NYIDE’s philosophy that successful teaching requires paying equal attention to the body, mind and heart of every student. In this methodology, candidates will do detailed course study in the discipline (art) of teaching, beginning with the principles of teaching fine arts dance and then move on to more complicated applications including adjustments and corrections. Study will include teaching ballet, modern, jazz, and tap.


Business Administration and Design for the Arts


The New York Dance Festival as a classroom in Business Administration. The candidate will see programming and projects from conception to completion, learning how only good business practices allow for corporations or arts programming to flourish. They will get to see methods that help an idea become a profitable product. Candidates also learn how to design the packaging necessary to sell that product.

Teacher Training

Teacher Training - Sean McLeod - Karen Brown

Our Teacher Training course is heaven-sent. The design is constructed to allow teachers to shed their fear of ridicule, in exchange for the opportunity to ask those simple questions that they’ve always wanted to ask. Teacher Training participants work in the studio side-by-side with our international faculty, getting an intimate and hands-on opportunity to learn the details of physical correction, material design, and instruction delivery. Participants get to re-adjust a person, moments after the master teacher, allowing for the highest amount of retention and understanding. Likewise, participants will get to sit in on selected meetings, faculty planning, and press opportunities, getting direct business application.