New York Dance Festival: Pre-Audition Workshops Richmond

Richmond, VA November 5-26, 2014

Special Opportunity with International New York Choreographer Jerami Kipp!

Mr. Kipp will lead a Richmond division of the award winning NYC based Kaleidoscope Dance Theatre/Sean McLeod Dance Experience in Richmond Virginia this year. We are looking for established and emerging dancers who want entrance into the NYC and Global Dance Market. Come and join Jerami for a Life Changing Master Class and personal interaction. Hosted by the New York Institute of Dance & Education - N.Y.I.D.E., Sean McLeod Dance Experience, Kaleidoscope Dance Theatre, and our partners, this Pre-Audition Workshop experience will include Sean McLeod's codified McLeod Technique (MT) including MT Modern and Reinforced Motor Function ® (alignment, strength, and flexibility system). All of that wrapped in Motivation that will inspire you to action. Come join Jerami for these truly spectacular and giving pre- audition Workshops, so we can get to know each other for upcoming work opportunities!


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