McLeod Technique NYC

October 22, 2014 - July 31, 2016

Join us in NYC for McLeod Technique/Reinforced Motor Function Classes!

Come and join us for Life Changing Master Classes and personal interaction led by the Certified Personalities of McLeod Technique. Hosted by the New York Institute of Dance & Education - N.Y.I.D.E., Sean McLeod Dance Experience, Kaleidoscope Dance Theatre, and our partners, these experiences will include classes in Sean McLeod's codified McLeod Technique (MT) including MT Modern and Reinforced Motor Function ® (alignment, strength, and flexibility system). Topped off with our famed self-reflective and life fueling "Talk Around" sessions.  All of that wrapped in Motivation that will inspire you to action. If you are willing to take risks, embrace "Yes" and learn why this is essential, then we would love to see you!


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