The New York Dance Festival has been bringing world-class dance to participants for the past 33 years! Be a part of this very special two week experience which includes daily master classes in Modern, Ballet, Hip Hop, McLeod Technique, MT Afro Hip Hop, MT Reinforced Motor Function, McLeod Technique for Pointe, African, and more, a world-class concert series, and the Harriet Tubman Freedom Music Festival. Professional to novice, we are one of the only non-audition national programs of our caliber. Because we do not require auditions, no person is excluded or put through the emotional trials of an audition selection process, and families are welcome.

The Festival runs Monday – Friday with Master Classes from 10:00-4:30pm daily, for full day tuition participants and some additional special options for Choreography and evening Master Classes as well. The final Friday evening at 8:00 PM is the culminating concert the “A Day in Dance” Showcase Concert, where all full-day participants perform!

In Person Track:
School of American Ballet, New York City
70 Lincoln Center Plaza, New York, NY 10023

Virtual Track:
Online via Zoom

***COVID Policy: Masks are optional. ***

Example Daily Schedule


New York Dance Festival - Sean McLeod - Gregory Livingston in - Me & Him - NYDF - A Day In Dance - Repertory

New York Dance Festival Choreographic Fellowship

New York City Personality NYIDE New York City Director and New York Dance Festival Coordinator Hana Ginsburg-Tirosh - Choreographic Fellowship

Teacher Certification

Kierstyn Zaykoski - Teacher Training - Reinforced Motor Function

Black Techniques in Dance

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McLeod Technique Modern

New York Dance Festival - Jerami Kipp - Jump - NYC

Reinforced Motor Function

New York Dance Festival - MT Reinforced Motor Function - square

MT Afro Hip Hop

New York Dance Festival - 2019 - Sean McLeod - Tru Quan - MT Afro Hip Hop

Reinforced Motor Function for Ballet Application

Karen Brown - New York Dance Festival - Teaching - MT Reinforced Motor Function for Ballet

Concerts & Special Events

We are excited for our Online in In Person World Class Concert Series! In the evenings and weekend, the New York Dance Festival we will present Virtual concerts through live streaming. Stay tuned for more updates including people, dates, times, and online or in person details. The  concert & event series will include:

• Two Black Voices – Panel Discussion & Workshop
• In Her Words: A Panel Discussion on Innovative Leadership from the Arts
• International Stage Concert ONLINE
• Black Ballerina Summit
• 34 Year McLeod Technique Talk Around
• The 34th  “A Day in Dance” Concert!

and more!

Follow our IG at @newyorkdancefestival and check out the ATTEND page to find out more and grab your tickets!

Check back often for updates and notices

Dress Code:

For the dance day please wear all black dance clothing (leotard, tights, leggings, or unitard) and have your hair pulled back out of your face. Men, please have a dance belt. Bring all dance shoes and thick socks, preferably gray or black. Also, it would be helpful to have a small notebook, a hand towel, a water bottle, and an infectiously positive attitude!

Jerami MT Second Position Enter - square

McLeod Technique
McLeod Technique (MT) is an emotional based, codified technique that teaches contemporary dance to classical ballet and urban dancers. McLeod Technique Modern ® teaches emotional development and blends classical ballet, the modern dance foundations of Limón, Graham, and Horton, martial arts, African dance, Latin influences and urban social dance. Learn more!

Festival Tracks

Full 2 Week Registration $1900/per person
1 Week or Half Day Registration $1500/per person
New York Dance Festival Choreographic Residency – Full Day Track (10:00 AM – 5:30 PM) $2400/per person
New York Dance Festival Choreographic Residency – Evening Day Track (4:30 – 5:30 PM) $800/per person
Teacher Certification (McLeod Technique Modern, MT Reinforced Motor Function, or MT Reinforced Motor Function for Pointe) $2400/per person/per certification
2 Day Special $400/per person
Individual Master Class $75/per person/per class
New York Dance Festival Applied Study Fellowship (Limited slots – invitation required $4850/per person

We welcome all ages and abilities at the New York Dance Festival. Please keep in mind, if a minor is joining us, an adult must be responsible for them at all times. NYDF is not responsible for housing, transportation, or meals. Guardians are welcome to stay and watch for the day, or leave and come back, however they must be present with the minor/party of minors during the lunch hour as the Festival faculty depart the facilities during this time.

Fill out the Registration Form here:

There are partial scholarship opportunities available. Please fill out the scholarship form and for the scholarship committee to review. All payments are due by the start of the Festival.

Enhanced Training and Coaching Sessions:

MT Sessions (Coaching) with our incredible faculty are also possible, starting now! Get yourself ready to get the most out of your Festival experience with one-on-one, personalized training. Due to the incredible demand, waiting lists are kept for faculty members with full schedules, but you never know if a slot is available so always ask.

MT Sessions (Coaching) available with any faculty member include:

*McLeod Technique Modern (contemporary)
*Reinforced Motor Function
*RMF for Ballet Application
*RMF for Pointe
*Choreographic Repertory Sessions
*Injury Rehabilitation, Strength & Alignment
*CMA Computerized Motor Analysis with Karen Brown

*Email or internally message on social media for the MT Sessions Fees. **First come first serve, slots go very quickly.